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Last Stop on Synergy Book Tour

April 13, 2007

Thanks to Laura from That Grrl for hosting the book yesterday. Laura posted an excerpt of the book which, I hope, whet your appetites for the rest.

This last stop is a bit different. I reflect on my experience with the book tour and what I learned and gained from it on Verna Wilder’s blog, Out of the Cube. I got to know Verna when she contacted me after one of my blog posts, and we struck a friendship, which, in part, illustrates the topic in this last post.

Verna is an introspective but upbeat woman who stepped away from a stressful job to pursue her interests in writing and the arts. She’s combining the two right now by starting a new business helping people and organizations writing grant applications for the arts. Here’s a little more about Verna:

Verna Wilder

Verna is a writer with an MA in English and a bunch of journals and notebooks filled with her writing exercises. She has published two short pieces in anthologies no longer in print, and leads writing workshops following the Amherst Writers and Artists method described in Pat Schneider’s book, Writing Alone and with Others.

She recently left a corporate job to live life outside the confines of the Cube, to let herself feel fear and doubt, to dive in anyway, to find the edges of a life where she is accustomed to acting from her base of comfort.

She helps writers find their voice in her writing workshops, and in her editing work she helps writers hone that voice to communicate what is dear to them. She started her blog, Out of the Cube, to explore her own writing voice in a genre that is new to her.

* * *

Be sure to drop in to the official Virtual Book Launch of Synergy, from 8pm EST 15 April to 8am EST 16 April and chat with me. I’d love to hear from you, know what you thought of the tour, answer your questions, and chat about little nothings (like this frigging winter weather that won’t quit). The address for the chatroom is

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