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Ninth Stop on Synergy Virtual Book Tour

April 12, 2007

Thanks to Alyx for hosting me on her blog yesterday. If you’ve missed it and want to read about the themes of the book, they’re at Planet Alyx Information Bureau.

Today, That Grrl has posted an excerpt of the book in which the two protagonists meet for the first time. Don’t hesitate to comment or ask questions about the story.

Laura (That Grrl) is a fellow Canadian. We live only about 5 hours apart, her in Toronto, me in Ottawa. I enjoy the photos she takes around Toronto. They show a real appreciation of her city. I also enjoy her quirky drawings. Here’s a little more about Laura:


Web writer, blogger, columnist, contributing writer and editor. She writes, WordGrrls, a weekly blog for writers. Her personal junk pile blog contains her rants, blabberings, stick figure grrl cartoons, and photos from her rural and urban explorations in Ontario. Laura has been online over ten years, been a self obsessed IRC diva, produced several sites and
newsletters, managed topics for online networks, created ASCII art ( and generally taught herself all the web geekery she knows.

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