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Virtual Book Tour First Stop: Heidi Ruby Miller

March 28, 2007


Heidi Ruby Miller

Heidi lives in Southwestern Pennsylvania. She has also written under the names Heidi Ruby and Heidi Miller.

She has degrees in Anthropology and Geography and a Master’s in Writing Popular Fiction from
Seton Hill University. Heidi is a travel writer who also writes speculative fiction. Heidi’s travel guide MOON Pennsylvania Camping was published by Avalon in May 2006.

You can read HEIDI’S PICK SIX author interviews, including one with M. D. Benoit, on her Live Journal ambasadora.

When she is not writing or traveling, Heidi is probably playing HALO, doing yoga, or hiking.

Heidi’s Pick Six are not only fun to read, but they’re very revealing of the person who answers. Heidi provides fifteen questions to the interviewee, of which he/she must choose six to answer. Hence the revelation, not only from the answers, but of the questions “picked” to answer. Heidi’s had some pretty cool writers answer her questions so far (Alan Dean Foster, Joshua Palmatier, Nalo Hopkinson, Maria V. Snyder, to name a few), so I’m pretty buzzed to be in such exalter company.

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