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Maximize Your Effort

February 19, 2007

As a writer you’ve gone to a lot of time and effort researching your work.  You’ve put your short story, novel, or article together and it’s ready to go.  But have you considered other options for that work?

Maximize your effort.  Can it be put into another format and reused?  Perhaps, like me, you’ve written a book on bullying.  Short excerpts of that book can be submitted to parenting magazines as articles.  You gain more income, get more exposure for your work, and you get your name out in the public. 

Are you an expert in a certain field – perhaps marketing, or publishing?  Have you been asked to speak to a group?  Others could benefit from what you have to say. Consider repackaging your material into booklet format and selling it from your website.  Short booklets of 10-20 pages are very popular in pdf format.   

anti-bully book for parentsYou’ve done a lot of work, now think outside the box.  Make that effort pay off for you in a number of ways – share your knowledge, gain exposure, gain income.  Maximize your effort!

Rita Y. Toews is the author of several children’s books, including The Bully: A Discussion and Activity Story.  Her work is also available as an anti-bully primer for parents on her website at :

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