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February 15, 2007


Hi, I’m Marcella.

What can I say about myself that’s not been said before?

Let’s see… I was born a girl (and still am a girl), I daydreamed my way through my teen years (and I still daydream), and I’m pretty well passionate about everything I do (and my husband doesn’t complain too much about that!).

Enough said on that subject. Life is to be embraced, along with kids and puppies and grandparents.

On writing… I write because I have to. Characters invade my daydreams and refuse to leave until I’ve told their story. End of story.

If I were to share one little piece of advice on writing, it would be this. Don’t write for money, or to see your name on the bestseller list, or because you think it would be great to be introduced as an author. You may get paid, you may someday see your name up in lights, and even a letter writer is an author. But that’s not why a person wants to become a writer. You write because there’s a burning, driving, aching need within you to get that story told, and if you don’t tell it, then no one else will. You write because you have no choice. The characters in your head won’t give you that choice. You write because you’re passionate about what it is you need to write.

Then hang on and enjoy the ride!

PS – In a little aside here, I also happen to be passionate about helping others. (Great ideas have to be born somewhere!) In my travels around the country with my military husband (who just so happens to be my own personal hero) I’ve been a volunteer with deaf children at the GR Pearkes Clinic in Victoria, BC, a tutor with the Laubach Literacy Society in Fredericton, NB, I have a foster child in Bangladesh named Dalia, and you can check here to learn more about the Karen Taylor Foundation and Kim’s Fund, just two of the local Ottawa, ON, charities I support. My most recent passion is helping my daughter fundraise for a triathlon, in which she hopes to participate, in order to raise money for leukemia research. Way to go Tessa! She’s another one of my many heroes!! If you’re interested in looking her up, just go to:  and you’ll see what I mean!

Marcella Kampman

Writes as Vanessa deHart

Check out my latest release, PROMISE ME


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