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Read An E-Book Week 2007

February 6, 2007

Mark your calendars, and prepare to be a part of history, culture, and literature… March 4-10 2007 is Read an E-book Week, and it’s a year not to be missed! This year, acclaimed e-book author Steve Jordan joins award-winning author Rita Toews in supporting and promoting Read an E-book Week 2007.

The e-book is currently experiencing impressive growth and development. Established and celebrated authors are publishing electronic editions of their bestselling books, while major electronics manufacturers are experimenting with new display technologies to bring cool e-book readers to market. Traditional publishing houses are taking notice, as more and more readers take e-books with them, to read on breaks, on their commutes, and on vacations.

The e-book is already following the path the paperback book blazed a century ago, from lowly and illegitimate roots, to a place of respect beside hardback books. And during Read an E-book Week, we’re going to help it along by encouraging e-book readers, authors and publishers to pitch in.

Please visit to find more information on Read an E-book Week, including background on the e-book revolution, planned activities in 2007, and tips from Rita and Steve on things you can do to support e-books! 

Read An E-Book Week 

Steve Jordan is an avid (some say rabid) e-book reader, writer, visionary, and promoter. He developed the Right Brane e-Publishing model as a fair, practical and sensible way to sell e-books online. His e-books are available at Rita Toews created Read an E-book Week in 2002. She has written and co-authored award-winning children’s books, crime novels and historical dramas, available through

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