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Review of Synergy

August 7, 2007

A great one at


Win a signed copy of Meter Made

July 10, 2007

a lovely review

June 2, 2007

I received a lovely review for At Long Last, Love from the Literary Word. Here’s a snippet or two:

“Judy Bagshaw brings the reader a delightful collection of short stories about love. What makes this book refreshingly different is the fact that the heroines of the tales are far from being the traditional image.”

“It’s about time that someone was able to capture what so many women go through, and place it within the pages of a book. Size acceptance has always been a concern. Hopefully this book and others containing similar heroines are going to help change that.

A great little book. A speedy and heartwarming read.”

Win an autographed novel from Ten Mad Authors

May 7, 2007

In honor of Mother’s Day, some of the Mad Authors of It’s a mad, mad world are giving away autographed copies of these authors’ most recently published novels.

Simply visit the blog at:

The contest will run from May 7th until May 11th with winners announced on Mother’s Day. To enter the contest, simply read the excerpt for that day and answer the two questions in a comment. Winners will be randomly selected from those who answered the questions correctly.

Books range in genre from mystery to fantasy to alternate reality to young adult-fantasy. Titles include: Arturo el Rey, by Joan Upton Hall, Lady of the Lakes, by J.C. Hall, Death Game, by Cheryl Swanson, and Vassal of El, by Gloria Oliver.

The contest is in honour of all the moms, but you don’t have to be a mother (or even a father) to win. Don’t miss the chance to discover a great new author and get a free autographed copy of their latest novel.

Poems by CAuthor on Arabesquespress

May 6, 2007

Basra Pistachio and Save and Stretch, two recent poems by CAuthor Glenn Brigaldino
have just been published by Arabesquespress.
Online at:

Join me on Alternate Realities!

April 30, 2007

Alternate Realities: there is more than one way to see the truth…

I have started a social network for readers and writers who love speculative fiction in all its guises to discuss their favorite books and exchange ideas on what SF is all about today.

This is not a place to promote your own book, although there is plenty of room to do so in your own profile page. Rather, I’d like this to be a community where speculative fiction, in all its guises, is talked about.

You can click here to join Alternate Realities

About Alternate Realities

A place for readers and writers of alternate reality, speculative fiction, weird fiction, sf mixed genres, and fantasy to meet and discuss the books they love.

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The long awaited re-release of Judy Bagshaw’s short story collection

April 23, 2007

AT LONG LAST, LOVE, my short story collection, has been re-released through Pearlsong Press  Big, beautiful–and in some cases slightly more mature–heroines grace the pages of this collection of romantic short stories. You can read excerpts and reviews at  or at the Pearlsong site.